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Power lunch links

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Links for lunch, quick-like:

  • That whole Anthony Parker thing? Just odd enough to warrant an investigation by the Knoxville police. Details we know at this point:

    Police at 12:30 a.m. Saturday arrested Anthony Parker, 21, in the parking lot of Sutters Mill Apartments, which are located off Weisgarber Road. Parker was arrested by off-duty Knoxville Police Department Officer Sam Henard, who is the courtesy officer tasked with maintaining security at the apartment complex.

    Parker, a 6-foot-3-inch tall, 305-pound offensive lineman, was yelling in the parking lot when Henard approached, according to court records. When Henard told Parker to stop yelling and leave the area, Parker started to comply, records show.

    But Parker then "stopped and started yelling again and walked away from officer Henard yelling again and waving his arms in the air," records state. Then Parker "attempted to get other males to get out of a vehicle to join him," records show.

    Okay, so that's not very helpful. Stay tuned.
  • It's Alabama week in basketball. The BruceBall Blog has the preview, 'Bama blog Eight in the Box has taken John Adams' bait, and Gate 21's got a deplorable secret.

  • Update [2008-1-29 12:52:54 by Joel]: Ghost of Neyland has some thoughts on Willie Bohannon and Prentiss Waggner. And oooh, we have a defensive lineman. Hat tip to my wife, who was insufficiently haughty at the discovery that she learned something about the Vols before I did.