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THE FIVE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2007: #3 -- Demonte Bolden's post-SEC Championship game rant

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I called Demonte Bolden's comments immediately following the SEC Championship loss an abominable indiscretion:

. . . [T]hat post-game rant is the worst mistake of the season. Worse than the Cal loss or the Florida blowout or the Alabama debacle. And yes, worse than Erik Ainge's two interceptions in the SEC Championship Game. Much worse. He wasn't overpowered or outsmarted or outschemed by some stronger, smarter, or better-prepared opponent. He simply thought more of himself than he did of others, and he injected an element of toxicity into the developing chemistry of this team.

Too strong? Perhaps, but judging from the comments on the post I was not alone in thinking Bolden's words were extraordinarily ill-advised. Bolden was suspended for the bowl game, but it was due to academic failings rather than this outburst. I hope for the sake of the team that Bolden has apologized to Ainge and the rest of team and that all is forgiven. He has the opportunity to be a real leader on the defensive line next year. Here's to hoping he channels that passion in a more positive direction.

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