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Memo to Tennessee Volunteer coaches: keep it simple against the Georgia Bulldogs

TO: Coaches Fulmer, Clawson, and Chavis

FROM: Jackson the Mule

RE: The Georgia Game

DATE: 10/10/08

Y'all are the coaches. I'm just a mule. But I have thoughts on the Bulldogs game: KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3, 4.

No. 1, Brandon Warren. Seriously. How is it that a player can become an All-American as a true freshman at Florida State and can't get a ball thrown to him at Tennessee? He's the best guy in this year's recruiting class, y'all. If he doesn't get it, it is too complicated. Tell him to go that direction and throw him the ball.

No. 2, Montario Hardesty. Good is the enemy of great. Shelve the good and get the great off the bench and into the game.

No. 3, Lennon Creer. See No. 2 above. This guy was fifth in the Class of 2007. Help! Imagine that we can work it out. Please please me.

No. 4, Gerald Jones. No. 7 in the Class of 2007. Playmaker. Get him the ball. That is all.

You're the coaches. I'm just a mule. But I have thoughts.