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Vote for the winner of the Georgia Bulldogs Hail Mary Haiku, and hurry!

Well, you know it's been one horrid terrible awful week when I blow off the Animated BlogPoll, schedule a podcast during a live football game, and completely forget about the Hail Mary Haiku until Friday evening. Huh. A win tomorrow would do wonders for my morale, team. Just so you know. If not, I'll understand. But my co-workers won't understand me next week because I'll be practicing law in pterodactyl. I think they were fluent in Latin. An extinct animal ought to speak a dead language, don't you think?

Okay. Anyway.

Let us all hope that
Vols maintain their winning ways
Unlike my haikus

by birdjam

Stephens wins the start,
hope offense picks them apart,
doesn’t smell like a….

by rustytanton

Watch that ford focus!
Colquitt hits bottle also.
Foiled by tree stump.

by InBruceWeTrust

Oh Magic 8-Ball,
Will Vols beat Dawgs Saturday?
“Outlook not so good.”

by ChattVol

The Vols aren’t real hot
But Georgia’s number we got
Vols: please score a lot

by kidbourbon

Please, oh please St. Nick,
May we see the Clawfense now?
Georgia on my mind.

by hooper

Oh me oh my oh
People call me crazy cuz
I still have Vol pride

by Volorado

Desperate, backs against the wall
The task ahead is none to small
Cutcliff is gone offense n’ all
The dawgs will have a joyous ball
A shame Munson won’t call
At games end, dawgs will stand tall

by deanpat92

U. G. A. L. Y.
UGA’s got no alibi!
Ugly! Sooooo Ugly!

by MeytonPanning

If Alabama
Was any indication
we might have a chance!

by MeytonPanning

Jamal coke dealer
Henry never wears rubber
Albert-Ouch! My Face!

by UgaMatt

Where is David Greene?
Earning the league minimum,
washing first string’s socks.

by rustytanton

Fifty one to thir-
ty three, thirty five to four-
teen, Take that Mark Richt

by Getoffmyvols

Bulldogs Hobnailed now:
Stafford strains back lifting keg
D-Line makes him pay

by G.M.U. Vol

i live in Georgia
dawgs silent on Saturdays
beautiful autumn

by thetennesseethumper

Nick can audible:
fifty-one, thirty-three, Dawg,
thirty-five, fourteen!

by bobo_the_vol

I’ma do this here
haiku in pterodactyl
Veek Veek Veek Veek, son

by MightyMightyMitzu