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Vote for the winner of the Mississippi State Bulldog Hail Mary Haiku

Chavis’ defense,
soft as a baby’s bottom.
Time for him to go?

by wvvol

Will Phillip Fulmer
Be the next SEC coach
To find himself Croom’d?

by birdjam

Vols are 0 and 3!
Least the winning percentage
can only go up….

by MeytonPanning

The ball gently falls
In a zone bereft of Vols.
Hmmphh. Clawfense my a--.

by jthomas666

The Offensive Line
Supposed to be Fulmer’s niche
Both are offensive

by ChattVol

The haikus here all
speak of sadness and despair
Not so Hail Mary

by The Vol Abroad

Last week we failed, but
A new opportunity
To kick a bulldog

by The Vol Abroad

Dig up Ol’ Johnny,
for some sad press interviews,
after Bulldogs beat Vols.

by rustytanton

I’ve got a new plan!
Run the wishbone with Berry
Hardesty and Creer

by Getoffmyvols

mississippi state
hey, THAT’S five syllables, too
stolen haikus rule!

by thetennesseethumper

We’ve got apathy.
Yes we do. We’ve got apa-
thy. What about you?

by Joel