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Welcome to the New Editor: Ready, Fire, Aim Style

In our seemingly established tradition of getting things right, but in a semi-backwards fashion, I'd like to formally welcome MeytonPanning as the newest editor on board Rocky Top Talk!  The secret handshake coronation occurred a few days ago, so consider this to be one of those Hallmark-style "belated birthday" type of cards.

A brief word on MeytonPanning:  MP has been one of the long-time loyal readers of RTT whose contributions have always been entertaining and well-written.  In fact, he is the proud owner of the first FanPost ever to become featured via recommendations.  As you've certainly read in his recent material, he has the pleasure of living in Tennessee combined with the, um, privilege of working in Alabama.  He is a fan of Peyton Manning (if you haven't noticed, check out his profile page).  He is also the proud owner of a beautiful hound dog:


ain't he a beaut?

If his past work is any indication, expect him to contribute rock-solid prose with a great flair for humor.  He will freely admit that he's not a numbers-addict like I am, so you'll get a break from the charts and equations when he's on the prowl.

Now get back to work, Meyton!