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Vote for the winner of the Northern Illinois Hail Mary Haiku

Sixty thousand “strong,”
in Neyland this Saturday,
because of “gas costs”

by rustytanton

Losing record on
Rocky Top? Still better than
cheering for Bama!

by hooper

Husky vs. Coon Hound?
No match for Nick Stephens as
Jumbotron gets lit!

by Aerobab

come on, Big Orange,
please do not let that Husky
mount up Ol’ Smokey!

by thetennesseethumper

One of those weekends
Where I regret choice to work
In Alabama.

by MeytonPanning

I am Cromptoned out
Has it ever been so bad?
Load the G-gun, please

by kidbourbon

State of Tennessee:
Economy and Vols sad
Vandy is ranked, ouch

by Volorado

Two QB System?
Now we are digging real deep,
Can Peyton suit up?

by Getoffmyvols

Vicious wind is loose,
Vols seem down for the Count! Thus,
We wait for the “Bruce!”

by lawvol98

“Northern Illinois,”
Hey, that is five syllables!
Haiku writes itself.

by birdjam

I was going to
participate this week, but
can’t beat birdjam’s ’ku

by CornFromAJar