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Post-game awards: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Best promotional effort. Whomever's marketing the Perfection DVD. Yes, I want one. I want to re-live that fantastic season. I want to see Al Wilson again. I want to hear John Ward again. Showing the Arkansas segment during halftime of this week's Mississippi State game just about put me over the edge. One thing, though. It would be nice if it were actually available at the time you were marketing it.

Best pressure. Wes Brown, Nevin McKenzie, and the rest of the Tennessee defense, which was restoring disorder to the opponent's backfield most of the game racking up five sacks, eight TFLs, and six hurries.

Worst moment, I. Gerald Jones writhing on the ground after fielding a punt and getting hit in the legs. By the way, Fulmer said on his t.v. show that "We'll have to see. [Gerald] said he'd probably be ready, but we'll have to see." I hope we see him Saturday.

Worst moment, II. Anthony Parker limping off the field after getting injured shortly after Jones.

Best something out of nothing. Early in the second quarter, quarterback Nick Stephens scrambled 18 yards for a first down, showing a little speed and a little juice to boot. For those who can't remember that far back, "scramble" is a term used to describe a play during which a quarterback runs for positive yardage when he cannot find any receivers open on a passing play.

Best discipline. Us. Woo. We had one penalty for eight yards and no turnovers.

Best three-peat. Nick Stephens to Denarius Moore for a long bomb. 52 yards against Northern Illinois, 60 yards against Georgia, and 45 yards against Mississippi State. Oh, how lovely it is.

Worst music. What is it with the music at Neyland? During one of the timeouts, I heard something that sounded suspiciously like a lullaby. I'm serious.

Best quarter. DeAngelo Willingham intercepted the Bulldogs on the first play of the 4th quarter. After that, Mississippi State's drives ended with a pick six by Eric Berry, a pick six by Demetrice Morley, and two three and outs, one of which very nearly ended with another interception.

Worst reaction to a win. The guy who emailed to say:

you think you are some kind of superfan? people like you who reward mediocrity are what has been KILLING this program for years. whistling past the graveyard and ignoring trends, red flags, and close calls will change nothing. unfortunately, losses are all that gets your attention and the attention of Hammy, our ignorant fanbase, and the BOT's attention.

come join us at [site redacted] for some substantive discussion. 

Um, thanks for the invitation, which was quite flattering and therefore very tempting, but I think I'll pass.

Best re-boot. With Tennessee leading 6-3, Dennis Rogan returned the first second-half kickoff 40 yards giving Tennessee great field position and enabling the offense to score its first touchdown of the game.

Best guts. The Vols elected to go for the first down on 4th and 2 in the first drive of second half. They converted with a quick pass to Lucas Taylor

Best just like old times. Montario Hardesty dove over a goal line pile for Tennessee's first TD. Remember when we used to do that all of the time? It couldn't be stopped.

Best just like old times, II. On the Vols' last drive of any consequence, they handed the ball off to Lennon Creer on 12 consecutive plays and only stopped because he was in the end zone. Remember when we used to do that all of the time?

Best call that didn't work. Dave Clawson dialed up a play that called for Arian Foster to throw deep on a toss sweep. He overthrew it juuuust a bit, but it was a complete surprise, and it showed an ability and willingness to insert a big play wrinkle into a bread and butter play.

Game ball goes to: The Papa, for his 150th win. Note that I said "game" not "season." Naming permanent captains, upping the tempo in thud practices, putting/permitting Chavis in the booth, and giving some of the younger players significant playing time were all positive changes this week.