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Talking points:

  • The always insightful and articulate Will of Southeastern Sports Blog implores you to come to the Alabama game:
    Because if you don't...they will.


    That giant swath of empty seats in the Neyland Stadium upper deck last week? It's solid red next week if you don't come. Mississippi State didn't travel. Alabama will. There's already going to be a ton of them in there in the first place. You come and be loud. We need the hostile environment, because this team clearly feeds off it. Tennessee needs the best crowd of the season on Saturday night, no exaggeration, and no reason for you not to be a part of it. Get to the game.

    Second...this is the last domino to fall for Fulmer's modern perception.

    If the Vols lose to Vanderbilt again or Kentucky for the first time in 24 years, it'll suck and it'll be more gloom and doom.

    But it won't hurt as much as losing to Alabama for two straight years for the first time ever under Phillip Fulmer.

    If Alabama wins...they'll have suddenly taken three of four from the Vols, two straight, 2-0 for Saban...and we'll be right back there. Right back to the late 80s and early 90s, where Alabama is better than you, and you have to deal with those insufferable Bammers, and life is just worse.

    So yeah, the student tickets may be an ominous black, but if you can, go. Do your part to stem the Tide.

  • Eric Berry has had 174 yards in the last three weeks. Reminder: he plays defense. Oh, and Crunch Berry can tackle, too: