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Vote for the winner of the Alabama Crimson Tide Hail Mary Haiku

Roll Tide, roll on up
to Neyland, to the end of
Championship hopes

by thetennesseethumper

How fitting that Phil
Should get his walking papers
By way of Bama.

by jthomas666

The Armani Bear,
with national title dreams,
picked off by Berry.

by rustytanton

Can we turn this ’round,
Can we save our season here,
My quote for this; “Nuts!”

by Muhler

We as underdog
have a way of biting back
Go get ’em Smokey

by Muhler

I like my Coffee
Not black, not decaf. It’s best
Shaken by Berry.

by bobo_the_vol

If not now, then when?
Wild Berry we must unleash
To poison the tide

by kidbourbon

Beat Alabama.
Do it for all of us. Please,
think of the children!

by PowerOfDixieland

As long as I’m here
No way does Alabama
Go Undefeated

by Getoffmyvols

Chavis’ defense,
soft as a baby’s bottom.
Time for him to go?

by wvvol

Chavis’ defense,
“soft” as a you-know-who hit
Versus Alabama!

by bobo_the_vol

Fulmer’s Inferno
brightens when Creer breaks one late
Job still in Limbo

by G.M.U. Vol

Third Saturday, No!
Tis but a date, says I. But
One that boils the blood.

by lawvol98

Savin’ for Saban
Or so we desperately hope
A dope to our rope?

by Joel