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Talking points: Saturday was a swift kick in the secrets edition

A quick roundup of what the Volunteer blogosphere is saying about the latest chapter in our season-long nightmare.

  • Fulmer's Belly calls the Tennessee-Alabama game a swift kick in the secrets, and suggests that Eric Berry just go ahead and play both ways "because he still is a kid and excitable and doesn’t get all winded from typing like some of us older folks." I hear that.
  • Clay Travis got to run through the T this weekend but after living through a season that has seemed to last nearly a decade, he's looking like death with a beard. Me, I just look like death. I'm sure that Clay would think that that somehow gives him an edge.
  • Will at SouthEastern Sports Blog crosses the breach into the next Stage of Grief "[b]ecause there's no more room for Denial. You'd have to be certifiable to think that this team is good. And you have to imagine reasons that it will get better in 2009."
  • YMSWWC declares a "Phreaky Phil-Osophy," with fans at war with a coach trying to make peace.
  • Ghost at 3rd Saturday in Blogtober says that the best team won but that they had a lot of unnecessary assistance.