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Talking points: South Carolina Gamecocks premonition edition

It's like a field goal attempt this morning: three points and three points only. Consider it a premonition, an instinctual, dreadful anxiety of what the orange side of the scoreboard may say when the clock strikes midnight Saturday.

  • Sorta weird. Most of the news about the South Carolina Gamecocks right now seems to be about its upcoming recruiting class. Of course, most of the news about Tennessee seems to center around the question of who's going to be the coach next year, so who are we to talk?
  • Aaaaanyway. It's looking like Steve Spurrier is going with Stephen Garcia at quarterback this week against the Vols. Unless, of course, he's going with Chris Smelley. "Right now we’re planning on Stephen Garcia starting, but if Chris Smelley has a much better week in practice, it could be Smelley by the weekend.” So it's Garcia unless he stinks. Question: how many players would Steve Spurrier have tried at QB if he'd been coaching the Vols this season?
  • Great. More defense. The Gamecocks' defense is first in the SEC in total defense, 4th in the nation in pass defense, 19th nationally in scoring defense, and 34th nationally in rushing defense. Coordinator Ellis Johnson has received a contract extension.