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What is pterodactyl for "poor comedic timing"?

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This, from the Tennessean:

Arian Foster snickered.

He sat down and peeled tape off his ankles. Practice had just ended last week.

The Tennessee starting tailback, a senior on the verge of becoming UT's all-time leading rusher, was requested for media interviews. He had a demand: whoever interviewed him had to speak Pterodactyl, some made-up dinosaur language.

No interview was conducted.

It was kind of funny and it fit Foster's quirky personality. But considering the environment and Foster's recent demeanor, it quickly became sad.

. . . .

"Veeeeek! Veeeeek! Veeeeek!" Foster shrieked.

This would be absolutely hysterical if Tennessee's season wasn't completely in the tank. But seeing as it is and that part of the reason can be directly attributed to a certain running back, it's really just bad timing. Hmph. Bad timing. Defining characteristic?