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Tennessee Volunteers 6, South Carolina 27: whatever

Commence the 15-minute immediate post-game mostly incoherent, questionable-impression-filled, and over-emotional ramblings. Hold me to nothing.

Well, that should about do it. I don't really know what we were thinking when we put Jonathan Crompton into the game immediately after Nick Stephens threw a pick six. Yeah, an interception returned for a touchdown is not a good thing, but Nick's played fairly well, what with the not having had significant first-string reps through most of fall practice, being thrown into the fire against Georgia, and not throwing an interception in something like four games despite all of that. That there's a good way to ruin another QB. Um, see here for the rules.

Oh, and Lennon Creer fumbled as well, and if memory serves, he never got back on the field. I'm baffled at how seniors can be granted a full measure of forgiveness, grace, and second chances but talented underclassmen are banished to benches at the first hint of adversity and not allowed their second chance until graduation.

I'm exaggerating, oversimplifying, etc., I guess, because at least Stephens got back in for the second half, and although we couldn't move the ball, it wasn't really all that surprising. South Carolina has a great defense, so you know.

We did have the pleasure of another Eric Berry sighting, meaning he intercepted yet another pass and ran it back yet another huge chunk of yards, leaving substantial carnage in his wake. That was fun.

Britton Colquitt had some fantastic punts. That was cool.

The defense induced several smirks and shakings of the visor-less head of Steve Spurrier, and that was enjoyable as well.

Beyond that? Uh, no. 34 yards rushing. Barely over 200 yards total. Really, the stats weren't that much different between the teams, but turnovers and sacks just killed us. We had one touchdown. Our offense is beyond broken. What's more than broken? Disassembled? Crushed, pulverized, decimated? Stillborn on the architect's table?

Whatever. It's over, and we'll just have to wait and see how it's going to change for next year. Yarr.