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How to Have Fun at the Tennessee/Wyoming Game


Talking points of the world's ugliest half-and-half*:

  • Very interesting conversation with the lady who thought I was trying to fake the number "16".  (Yeah, Manning fever is alive and well in Tennessee!)
  • To be fair, the "sad drunk" guy approached from my right side.
  • H/T to the swift-thinking Wyoming fan after the game who, upon suddenly seeing this in front of him, offered a high-five.  The "swift-thinking" part was offering the high-five "only to the good side".
  • Very fun conversations with (a) the officer at the gate who "threatened" to not let me enter, (b) the young vendors who weren't really sure what to say, and (c) the middle-aged vendor who was utterly fascinated that a "Wyoming person" might be found all the way out in Knoxville.
  • Tangent:  I'm sitting in the student section, and this picture was taken somewhere in the late 1st/early 2nd quarter.  That wide swath of empty seats must be the only significant patch of emptiness, right?  99,000+ announced attendance, right?  (Try about 75,000.)
  • See?  Your momma warned you that bloggers are far less cool in person.

*No jerseys were harmed in the making of this half-and-half.  Your optometrist is thanking me, too.