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RTT final CBS BlogPoll ballot: week eleven

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas Tech --
2 Alabama --
3 Texas 1
4 Oklahoma 2
5 Florida --
6 Southern Cal 2
7 Penn State 4
8 Utah 6
9 Ohio State 1
10 Georgia 2
11 Boise State 2
12 Oklahoma State 5
13 Missouri --
14 Michigan State 4
15 TCU 4
16 North Carolina 4
17 Florida State 8
18 Air Force 4
19 Cincinnati 7
20 Ball State 1
21 Brigham Young 4
22 Pittsburgh 4
23 South Carolina 3
24 Western Michigan 2
25 Virginia Tech 1

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#15), Northwestern (#16), Minnesota (#21), Tulsa (#23), LSU (#24).


Air Force. Same losing percentage as Ohio State, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma State. (Ditto Western Michigan, by the way.) The Falcons are 26th in the nation in pass efficiency defense, 14th in pass efficiency offense, and 17th in opponents' points per game. They haven't really played anybody noteworthy, but don't be shocked if they give BYU and/or TCU an unexpectedly good game.

LSU. Nope. The Tigers are 6-3, which is the worst losing percentage of anyone else ranked in the major polls.  I'm with the RTT computer, who wants to know just how many undefeated, one loss, and two loss teams you're going to screw just because these guys are last year's champs.

Oregon State. The RTT computer has the Beavers at No. 33. They have the same losing percentage as LSU, and they have slightly better numbers against worse competition. Yes, I'm quite comfortable leaving them out when I have numbers to back it up. How many voters actually realize that Western Michigan is slightly better than Tulsa, who is ranked by the major polls? A defense will do wonders for a team. So will not losing three games.