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Memo to Mike Hamilton: do you really just wanna swap out the spark plugs?

TO: Mike Hamilton

FROM: Jackson the Mule

RE: Our new coach

DATE: 11/12/08

Y'all are the coaches. I'm just a mule. But I am a thinking man's mule.

Last night, while I was listening to Clay Nation, Clay made an excellent point about Butch Davis: he's not that different from coach Fulmer, and if you're gonna fire somebody like Fulmer, you can't replace him with somebody like Fulmer.

Look, it wasn't the man or the coach. You just fired a good man who'd won nearly 75% of his games including a national championship. It wasn't as much him as it was his system, and simply switching out the spark plugs ain't gonna change things much long term. Do you really think that Butch Davis is doing things at North Carolina that coach Fulmer couldn't?

If we're gonna fire someone like Fulmer, we'd better really change.

That's all.