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Talking points: Tennessee's search for a new head coach

  • Fulmer's Belly's actual nightmare. Butch Davis, running the Clawfense in a bathroom with a basketball goal. Here you go, guys.
  • Hey, have heard we're looking for a head  football coach? It could be Mike Leach if Tennessee's history of replacing coaches with their polar opposites holds. Hey, folks in Dallas are already talking about possible replacements for Leach at Texas Tech. Or it could be Lane Kiffin, but he's interviewing with Clemson. Or Minnesota coach Tim Brewster, who Charles Davis says is a viable candidate. Or Brian Kelly, who John Adams says is the football equivalent of Bruce Pearl. Or Butch Davis. What Butch Davis said: ""I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the University of Tennessee job. It's a great job, but I have no interest in it." What Butch Davis didn't say: "At this time. Make me interested."
  • Money doesn't make you mature. Jimmy Hyams reported on the radio yesterday afternoon that he'd confirmed with Thunder Thornton that Thornton was at the Wyoming game wearing a hat that said Fire Hamilton. He apparently conceded that it was a "sophomore" stunt.
  • Reaching for reasons to play. Gate 21:
    To close out, people always talk about Tennessee being completely irrelevant. Well, there are ways to stay relevant, even at 3-6 with a lame-duck coach. One is losing to Wyoming. Other possibilities? Being Vanderbilt’s bowl-clinching, history-making, streak-breaking sixth win. Having the nation’s longest streak of ownage broken on your home field on the day to honor a coaching legend.
  • Just in time.  B.J. Coleman passed  for 325 yards and two TDs in last night's junior varisty game. There were 200 witnesses. Yeah, they were playing Hargrave Military Academy, but wasn't it after the JV game that we finally recognized that Dennis Rogan in fact could play on the big boy team?
  • But hey, there's basketball tomorrow. The BruceBall Blog has the Tennessee-Chattanooga game preview.