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Talking points: Sasquatch, Yeti, UFOs, and Mike Leach

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  • An ongoing debate: is the Tennessee head coaching job attractive or isn't it
  • Hot dogs? I'm sorry. I don't know where you can find the hot dogs. Fulmer's Belly calculates that it will be 27 years before Tennessee sees the financial benefit of depriving its ushers of their free hot dog and drink.
  • It's your birthday, and I get a gift? Head over to Gate 21 to wish lawvol a happy birthaversary. His day, and I got the gift:

  • More basketball. The men's team plays UT-Martin this evening. The BruceBall Blog has the game preview.
  • Gerald Jones: mind-speaker. Jones and former high school teammate Tramain Swindall, who now plays for Texas Tech, apparently used their bye Saturdays to talk a little Mike Leach. Jones' take on what would happen if Leach ended up at Tennessee next season? Happy for him, suck for Tramain. Jones also pinpoints an area of distinction between quarterbacks Jonathan Crompton and Nick Stephens: "Crompton is a lot slower with his reads than Nick." Anyone want to venture a guess as to how many receptions Jones gets from Crompton in Nashville this weekend?
  • Drew Edwards has a nice summary of the salient points for and against each candidate for Tennessee's head coach.
  • Vanderbilt is now bowl-eligible, so there's no risk that they become so at Tennessee's expense. Of course, they can still beat the Vols and get to seven wins, which of course is their goal.
  • Sasquatch, Yeti, and UFOs. Eric Berry's been practicing at QB. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • The Tennessee-Kentucky game will be a 6:30 p.m. kickoff on ESPN2.
  • That makes four. Running back Dominique Allen has "switched" his commitment (don't you love recruiting terminology!) from Tennessee to LSU. Three others have "de-committed" from Tennessee: offensive lineman Antonio Foster, athlete (aren't they all?) D.J. Swearinger (oh, the irony of the name in a recruiting context!), and running back Jarvis Giles.
  • The Lady Vols lost 83-82 to Virginia last night.
  • Doc Saturday has kicked off his campaign to be Barack Obama's College Football Playoff Czar.
  • Brothers in farce. RBUAS, on rooting for Michigan this season:
    It’s like trying to love a wife who lost her leg in a train accident, or got third degree burns on her face from a grease fire, and now she smokes cigarettes and drinks cheap whiskey from a sleeve of leftover paper cups you bought for some barbecue about a year back. This is not the same woman, and you know it’s not. You see things in her that you remember, things that used to make you happy. But now more than anything they make you sad, because you realize most of the time they don’t exist.

    A bit much, maybe, but you understand the point, don't you Vol fans?
  • Excellent stuff from Smart Football, who "once had a long conversation with [Mike Leach] about applying the pythagorean theorem to calculate how long a QB's throw was," on Texas Tech and the overblowing of the "hot hand theory." See also this post about the Red Raiders' offense, which includes a quote that makes me giddy with possibilities:
    Which gets back to the macro story about what Leach does. Leach and his offense are sui generis. As a result, a lot of coaches do not like Leach. Not on a personal level, but they are dismissive because he's so different. His success undermines their traditional approaches to the game. Too many football coaches are walking stereotypes right out of central casting; whereas sometimes the fact that Leach is head football coach for a major program seems like a Seinfeld plotline.