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Talking points: we interrupt this coaching search to bring you Eric Berry edition

  • Two things you didn't know about Eric Berry. He didn't like to hit people . . . until he was 12, and he hates pick sixes . . . because you have to get right back out on the field. But Eric, that is precisely why we love them! John Chavis likes you out on the field as much as possible as well because he thinks you are the best DB in the nation. Yes, yes, yes, Chief. Oh, and here's another thing you didn't know about Berry: he's played at least a portion of the season with a shoulder injury, and that's the reason he's not been utilized at the QB position yet. Yes, yet. Expect to see him there at least once some time during the next two games. Fulmer is a man of his word, and he is running out of time to make good on his recruiting promise to Berry to play him "some" at QB.
  • Roll, coast, chicken. The men's basketball team rolled, then coasted to a 91-64 victory over UT-Martin last night in Thompson-Boling, extending their home winning steak to 34. Yes, the crowd got Chick-fil-a because the team hit 90 points, but Pearl was less than pleased: "Our effort was inconsistent and our execution left a lot to be desired." That's actually true despite the 27-point final gap between his team and the Skyhawks. They played exceptionally well for most of the first half, but got a bit discombobulated for much of the second. Still, Brian Williams scored a career-high 21 points and got 12 rebounds. Wayne Chism also had a double double. Tyler Smith contributed 19 points, and Pajamas and Cameron Tatum were both also in double figures points-wise.
  • Will The Papa coach again? Maybeperhapsmightcould. "If a great opportunity came about that I really felt good about, certainly I would look at that," says Fulmer. Doug Dickey, Bill Battle, and Lloyd Carr are all cautioning Fulmer not to do anything rash.