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I have just three things to say:

  1. Yes, Jim Tressel is a total dweeb. Yo, yo, yo, M.C. Dee!
  2. Yes, Mark Mangino is surprisingly light on his feet.
  3. When your formerly good team is 3-7, all you can really do is put your rival in a dress of your school's colors and make him the Littlest Clogger. It helps.

Click the button below, because I know that you, too, just got to groove.



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Full poll:

The extracurriculars are over at CBS Sports.

Art from Cartoon Solutions.

Week 12. So I Got to Groove, by Tower of Power. Starring Sylvester Croom as Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, Tommy "The Twist" Tuberville, Steve "Hips!" Spurrier, Phillip "the Papa" Fulmer, Rick "No Nickname" Neuheisel, Mangino Hammer, Urban "I'm Thrusting at You" Meyer, Les "Walk Like an E-jipe-shun" Miles, Pride of the Southland Drum Major John Chavis, Mike "Elsewhere" (we're hoping!) Leach, Thriller Joe Paterno, Mark "He Would Never Actually Do That" Richt, Charlie "That's Just Wrong" Weis, Jim Tressel (a.k.a., M.C. Dee) (Master of Chicken Dance), Nick Saban as The Littlest Clogger, and Village People Randy Shannon, Mike Gundy, Mack Brown, Bobby Bowden, and Rich Rodriguez. Tower Of Power - Rhythm & Business - So I Got to Groove

Weeks 10 & 11. Pirate voice, Orson Swindle. Smee's Plan, by John Williams (from Hook). John Williams - Hook - Smee's Plan

Week 9. Re: Your Brains, by Jonathan Coulton. Jonathan Coulton - Thing a Week Two - Re: Your Brains

Week 8. The Curly Shuffle, by Jump in the Saddle. Jump 'N the Saddle Band - The Curly Shuffle - Single - The Curly Shuffle

Week 7. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, by ZZ Top. ZZ Top - Chrome, Smoke & BBQ: The ZZ Top Box (Box Set) [Remastered] - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

Week 5. Death of MIR, by Trevor Rabin (from Armageddon).

Week 4. Two Feet of Topsoil,  by Brad Paisley. Brad Paisley & Robert Arthur - Part II - Two Feet of Topsoil

Week 3. Ready to Take a Chance Again, by Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow - Ultimate Manilow - Ready to Take a Chance Again

Week 2. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, performed by Relient K. Relient k - The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - A VeggieTales Movie (Original Movie Soundtrack) - The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything