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Vote for the winner of the Farewell to Fulmer Hail Mary Haiku

Bought single ticket,
To support our Coach once more,
Hope haters stay home.

by rustytanton

We can’t say enough
Phil Fulmer was great for us
Times are a changin’


To all the great years
Full of hotdogs,cokes and beers
Goodbye my friend Phil

by bulldurham

Who has the right as
Master of the house to have
(The) final word at home?

by Joel

Cats, enjoy your win…
Just you wait for basketball
Vols will get you then!

by ttocswob

Some remember Phil
For the past couple of years
And forget the good.

Me? I barely know
Of Manning, the Golden Age
of UT football.

I will always see
“And pandemonium reigns”
When I think of thee.

It seemed destiny
When “he stumbled and fumbled”,
We held the crystal.

Seek Phil’s legacy
In the eyes of his players
Game Ball goes to Phil.

by bobo_the_vol

Former Volunteer
Led us to the promised land
By pounding the rock.

by RoaneRocket

Season’s euthanised
Should have used Kevorkian
months ago. Good riddance.

by Aerobab

thirty four years served
blood, sweat, and tears- all Orange
Phil Fulmer: Legend

by thetennesseethumper

Coach Fulmer: pwnage
Never have the Cats beat you
Even with Coach Leach

by ChattVol

Thank you, Coach Fulmer.
No one can fault the effort.
Please don’t be bitter.

by wvvol