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BREAKING NEWS: Phillip Fulmer Press Conference at 5 PM EST

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Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer is expected to announce today that he will not return as head coach this afternoon, a high-ranking source within UT athletic department told The Tennessean. -- From The Tennessean

I can't find confirmation on the exact time yet, but "inside sources" tell me the presser will be at 5 PM today.  ("Inside sources" = Joel phoning me while on the road.  At least I name my sources...)

Back to the point:  let's use this thread to discuss our thoughts and feelings on what looks to be the end of one of the greatest legacies in the roughly 120-year history of organized college football.

[Note by hooper, 11/03/08 11:28 AM EST ]  Props to birdjam for posting before me on this.  Had I refreshed the window first, I would have simply bumped his post.

[Note by hooper, 11/03/08 12:03 PM EST ] Dr. Saturday is noting that nobody's sources are technically "confirmed" regarding this story.  Still, I really think this would be the mother of all dupes if a scheduled presser like this were to be a false lead.  It's a good reminder to continue taking things with a grain of salt, but I think we can run with the "assumption" that this is true..

[Note by hooper, 11/03/08 12:20 PM EST ]Holly has her take up on EDSBS.  Oddly enough, it's rather refreshing to see somebody taking delight in the smackdown of somebody not named Fulmer.

[Note by hooper, 11/03/08 1:25 PM EST ] Orson Spencer Orson Spenser Spenson has perhaps one of the best moments of clarity on the Fulmer/Clawson situation:  "Clawson, a first-time FBS coordinator, brought an unnecessarily complex system that takes years to learn into a situation where time was not a luxury."  Setting his Gator-ness aside, his sober take is very well-thought out and well-written.