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How I feel about the firing of Phillip Fulmer

"ET TU, UT?"


This is how the press conference felt to me.  Julius Fulmer, the dean of SEC coaches, had his tenure cut short by forces beyond his control. This is a gut reaction, so please don't read any more into it than that.  It hurt, and it seriously felt like he was getting cut down by the angry mob.

Yes, I'm a softie.  Yes, I have a tender spot for people who care about the people they work with.  That press conference really took a toll on me, and it's going to take a while for me to recover from it.

(FYI:  the original painting was the Death of Julius Caesar and was done by Vincenzo Camuccini in 1798.  The photoediting was done by my wonderful wife - the Mrs. Hooper (who felt the same way).  A full-size image of the uncropped picture can be seen here.  There's no license restrictions on it or anything, but I'd appreciate it if she got credit for her work if you use it.)