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Tennessee Volunteers Basketball: Opening Warm-Up

In other news, the men's basketball team played their first exhibition game yesterday agains the Indianapolis Greyhounds.  The Greyhounds are a well-named team, noted for playing with speed rather than size or power.  Still, exhibition games are just that - non-counters against either teams with no realistic chance or against international teams in some sort of goodwill gesture.

Either way, the BasketVols have officially stepped on the court against an opponent this year.  Bruce Pearl's take?


As expected, a team with high roster turnover and extreme uncertainty at the point took a while to get any kind of rhythm going.  Those scrappy Greyhounds sprinted off to an 11-2 start before fading by the end of the half.  In the second half, the Greyhounds again took off out of the gate by making 5 out of 6 shots.  Pearl now has plenty of material for the next few practice sessions as this team still has room to grow.

But hey, it's basketball.  It's Bruceball.  And it's baaaaaaaack.

2008-09 Tennessee Volunteers basketball (via mariettavol77)