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RTT Tennessee Volunteers Head Football Coach Search, Round 1

Now that UT is officially on a head coaching search, it is time for us to do our democratic duty and help the university find the next great UT Legend to lead our football team to SEC and National championship every year (give or take). It may seem a little ghoulish to start on this trek so soon after The Announcement (that's because it is), but time presses and these matters will not wait for us to finish our mourning. So here were are.

I will present to you 16 potential candidates for the next head coach at Tennessee. They will come in the form of head-to-head vote-offs, with 8 first-round votes, 4 second-round votes, etc. until we get to the 1 Chosen One who will defeat the Crimson Menace once and for all:

Warning: 10 minute Youtubery (via GhettoChu)

So, without further comment, here is your first matchup. Remember, this is a contest of your preference between the two, not who you think the actual coach will be, nor necessarily your top preference overall. Polls will stay open for 24 hours; then the next vote-off will commence.


(Wiki links: Lane Kiffin, Mike Leach, Will Muschamp, and Steve Sarkisian)