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The potential impact of Tennessee's coaching change on the Class of 2009

While the Question of the Week concerns the future head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, a close second relates to the impact of coach Phillip Fulmer's firing on the Class of 2009. Early reports indicated that most commits reacted to the news by reaffirming their commitment to the school. Still, at least one commit, RB Jarvis Giles says that he's going to wait and see what the rest of the coaching staff is going to look like and hinted that the text messages he was receiving suggested that most other recruits will do the same.

We're going to try to keep up with this as best we can. The chart below shows the current state of commits (we'll add prospects later), as best we can tell. We'll move the chart to a permanent home a bit later, update it as things happen, and post links to the updates on the front page. We also plan to add a player feed widget to the right sidebar that will auto-update with new stories on each player.

Dominique Allen RB *** 5-11 Still committed "as of right now." Was "already thinking about de-committing.".
Jerod Askew LB **** 6-1 Still committed.
Tajh Boyd QB **** 6-0 Still committed.
Antonio Foster OL *** 6-4 De-committed. Committed to Georgia Tech
Jarvis Giles RB **** 5-11 Will follow RB coach Stan Drayton.
Edwin Herbert DT **** 6-3 Still committed.
Jonathan Hollins DT *** 6-3 Still committed.
D.J. Hunter DB **** 6-0 Still committed.
Nigel Mitchell-Thornton LB *** 6-2 Still committed.
David Oku RB **** 5-10 Still committed.
Bryce Petty QB *** 6-2 Still committed.
Aubrey Phillips OL *** 6-6 Still committed.
Kevin Revis OL *** 6-4 Still committed.
Zach Rogers WR *** 6-2 Still committed.
JerQuari Schofield OL *** 6-6 Still committed.
D.T.  Shackelford LB *** 6-1 Still committed, but wavering.
Je'Ron Stokes WR **** 6-1 Still committed, but waiting to see new coaching staff.
D.J. Swearinger DB *** 5-10 Still committed.
Damien Thigpen ATH **** 5-8 Still committed.
Marlon Walls LB **** 6-2 Still committed.
Toney Williams RB *** 6-1 Still committed.