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3 things I learned at lunch

Stuff I heard on my iPod while eating lunch in my car, vaguely half remembered, probably incorrectly, un- fact-checked or otherwise verified, and probably just made up in between sips of aspartame.
  1. Tee Martin, while being interviewed by Dave Hooker and the Sports Animal guys said that the reunion two weeks ago to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the National Championship was "weird." Yes, they all enjoyed themselves and seeing each other, but as they started talking, they commented to each other how different things were in the program and how they wished the current guys could have the same memories they do. Huh. I wonder if that sentiment was communicated to Mike Hamilton and how much, if any, it factored into the decision.
  2. Also from Tee Martin: The West Coast Offense is hard. Twice as difficult as what he ran for Cutcliffe. Twice as many words, at least.
  3. And finally . . . from Tee Martin: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." He was referring to the offensive line and making the point that their experience may have been a hindrance to the adoption of a difficult new scheme.

Interesting stuff, I thought.