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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Wyoming Hail Mary Haiku

We have some timing issues here, what with The Announcement coming after some of this week's entries, but here are this week's contestants nevertheless.

Please help me out here,
I’m trying to remember,
what we’re playing for.

by rustytanton

Homecoming is here.
Public intoxication
always kills the pain.

by ChattVol

Oh, my, what to do
Cheer for Tennessee, or the
Wyoming Cowboys

by hooper

Fulmer’s Farewell Tour
Gets Going on Saturday
No need for Encore

by OverThePylon

Y. O. Ming, M. D.
Sure cure for our losing streak,
Too late to save job.

by ttocswob

a legend’s time passed
the Vols have known few greater
we will miss you, Coach

by thetennesseethumper

Oh, the irony
Fulmer ushered out the door
For his homecoming

by Joel