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My "Me" Week Ruined. I Blame Mike Hamilton.

Whereas the author, tongue firmly planted in cheek, complains about missing his chance to crow about being both a Tennessee and Wyoming guy prior to the Homecoming game.

Aw, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan....................

I had been looking forward to this game for months.  It's the second visit to Neyland Stadium for the Cowboys within a decade, but I was living in South Carolina at that time, completely unaffiliated with Tennessee, and completely unable to see the team from my alma mater live.  Fortunately, for me, Wyoming caught lightning in a bottle and managed to set up a second date as the sacrifical lamb on Tennessee's schedule.  (See, losing can be a good thing.  Without the first loss, they wouldn't be here this week!)


The University of Wyoming (via omnivoreceo)

I've had November 8th marked on my calendar for nearly 2 years.  Of course, I was fantasizing about a 9-0 Tennessee team meeting a 7-2 or 8-1ish Wyoming team in a game that would actually be considered a big deal.  Still, even at 3-6, I was bound to have a lot of fun.  Among the plans:

  • A week-long Wyoming love-fest on Rocky Top Talk.  Oh, yeah.  Don't get me wrong, I'm clearly a fan of the Vols, but I think we all would have had a lot of fun getting riled up about this one for no apparent reason.  I know I would have.
  • An extraordinarily in-depth look at the Wyoming team and school.  Tennessee people have been better than most, but in my travels, I have had to constantly explain to people where Wyoming is.  Yes, there's a Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania - that's what the state is named after, actually.  Yes, there's a city of Wyoming next to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I've been there; it's very pretty in the Spring, but good luck finding a grocery store.  Yes, there are more sheep than people, as well as more cattle.  (No, velcro gloves are not standard issue.  Who do you take us for, Montana?  Sheesh!)  Point being, it's a place that few people know much about, but I think you'd have found it fascinating.  Fact:  The University of Wyoming is the nation's highest public university (altitude-wise) at just over 7,200 feet.  That's basically 1.4 miles, or about 6,300 feet higher than Knoxville.  We used to make fun of other teams for bringing rows of oxygen tanks to the games.
  • Insanely details stats.  I was in the middle of prepping some unusually involved graphs and charts for the game.  The Wyoming-Tennessee matchup would have been so highly overstudied that you'd have probably thought something was wrong with me.
  • My very own interview!  We did have some mentions about using me as the guest for the TalkShoe this week.
  • The half-and-half jersey.  I've mentioned it before: I have a Tennessee jersey and a Wyoming jersey that we were planning on using to make one of those hideous half-and-halfers.  (Think Laura Quinn, only without any conceivable degree of hotness whatsoever.)  It would have been a sight to behold - Wyoming Brown/Yellow against Tennessee Orange/White.  It'd have been the only one in Neyland stadium - probably for very good reason.

All gone.


Honey, have you see the kids lately? (via exquisitur)

So on Monday, Mike Hamilton had to go and ruin all of my plans.  In one brief Chris Low leak, the entire week's slate was tossed out of the window, never to be seen again.    Let's be honest, would you really care about the progression of Wyoming's offense throughout the season when Fulmer's in the middle of the most difficult press conference of his career?


Not too bright, but boy can they run. (via Tomas Caspers)

With all of the new topics on the agenda, I simply ran out of time.  The interview was pre-empted for one that was more relevant to the coaching search - a very good decision, by the way.  The charts and stats haven't even been touched.  The half-and-half hasn't even seen a single stitch, and I do not see it happening tonight.  Consider it extinct.


Yes, you read the sign correctly. (via frankenstoen)

Still, I'll be at the game.  If you happen to be in Neyland stadium and see a goofy-looking guy with some Wyoming colors on in the student section near the band, swing by and say hello; chances are that's me.  (I don't know how I'm going to do it yet, but I do plan on working in the colors, even if I can't do a true half-n-half.  If the crowd is thin, I may move to the upper level for a better view of the game, but I'll be there - along with the Mrs. and a good friend from South Carolina - to cheer on both teams and enjoy the day.


Casper, my hometown.  (via Justin Brockie)


Ah, well.  There's always next time.  Or not.


I can't explain it, but it's the most beautiful place I know. (via miamabanta)