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Talking points: the Lane Kiffin era at Tennessee begins today

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Quickly this morning because my alarm didn't go off when it was supposed to . . .

  • So we've given a Final Tribute to The Papa and Drawn the Curtain on His Final Act as a Tennessee Volunteer. If you missed the Phillip Fulmer show this weekend, find a replay this week and do not miss it. Fantastic stuff the entire hour. Ever wonder what the story is with that guy in the leg braces who runs out after every kickoff to get the tee? Watch the show and find out. It's a terrific story and yet another insight into the Phillip Fulmer we never knew.
  • So it's on to the future, but not just yet because I heard Jimmy Hyams say Sunday morning that UT had in fact talked to Mike Leach by phone about replacing Phillip Fulmer. Reportedly, Leach wanted to wait until after the Baylor game (this past weekend) to do a full interview. Tennessee didn't want to wait. If that's true, and if that's the only factor, then shame on them. Regarding Brian Kelly, he was apparently pushing for the job early until it looked like Notre Dame might come open, so Tennessee backed off at that point.
  • So now it's on to the future . . . Lane Kiffin's our next coach, and we'll get our first look at him in orange this afternoon at 2:00. Who's he bringing with him? ESPN says his father Monte, defensive coordinator with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is coming, but Mr. SEC says it's not a done deal. Wouldn't it seem weird, though, that he'd give up $2M per year in the pros to go to the same position in college for much less money? But hey, whatever the reason, the architect of the Tampa 2 would be great. I guess, I mean, I'd sorta need to figure out exactly what the Tampa 2 is before I say that, huh? Hey, if a defensive scheme has its own nickname, it must be  . . . never mind. Question: what happened to the Tampa 1? Is 2 an upgrade, and if so, is it like a Microsoft upgrade? If so, how do I set up Automatic Updates for necessary patches?
  • Aaannd . . . folks are talking like Ed Orgeron is coming, too, for recruiting. Yaw, yaw, yaw, but huh? Why would he leave a job as a position coach for the NFL to become a recruiting coordinator in college? If Monte's really the DC, where's that leave Ed? Notice how your impression of Oregeron changes completely when you call him Ed. Anyway, questions, questions, questions.
  • And finally, so . . . coach Kiffin and Company, welcome to Rocky Top! You've already done the dirty work, releasing most of the current staff, and had the requisite team meeting. After you get your staff filled out, Job One is this: RECRUIT ERIC BERRY. This guy is your team leader next year. He will follow you because you're his coach and he's that kind of guy, but the degree to which he is sold out for you will be mirrored by the remainder of the team. Job Two: shore up our recruiting class for this year.