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There were bodies everywhere! Lo, the carnage!

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  • Bruce Pearl almost killed his players yesterday:
    This was the hardest practice of the year. Practice is over, and I count one, two, three, four, five, six, seven bodies on the floor. I’d say that was a successful practice.

  • Other than that, though, it's still pretty quiet. Eric Berry and Robert Ayers have both been named to the All-SEC first team by the league's coaches. Woo for them.
  • Will at SouthEastern Sports Blog takes a look at the 2008 College Football Awards.
  • Lane Kiffin comes "home" this weekend to entertain five recruits on their official visits, including Rae Sykes, a local guy we awarded 10 jars last year but who failed to qualify and re-routed to community college. That should be fun. Here, let me show you around. Um, which way is the stadium again?