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Talking points: battling the disease of me edition

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Quickly this morning, as I just woke up from 12 hours of sleep only to find that instead of getting bored and leaving, that wicked head cold gathered strength.

  • Who's not sick? Eric Berry. Former Tennessee secondary coach Larry Slade calls it the "disease of me," the state of complacency that too often arrives with abundant accolades. Berry is apparently immunized despite becoming the first consensus All-American for UT in 18 years.
  • Also immunized? Tyler Smith. After Tennessee's impressive win over Marquette the other night, you'd think that the Vols were on the brink of rediscovering themselves. Not Smith. "Oh, no,” Smith said. “No, no, no. We’ve got a long, long way to go. We’re not even really playing Tennessee basketball yet.”
  • How will an NFL vet of 25 years related to 18-21 year old college kids? Hey, I'm Monte Kiffin.
  • Lane Kiffin has finally talked to Tennessee commitment D.T. Shackleford, who despite his initials is an L.B. Sort of. He talked to his parents. Good news. He didn't tell him he wouldn't fit into the program!
  • And because I hear my friend the head cold is making the rounds, I figured you, too, might could use a little extra motivation to get you into the car and off to the office: