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Talking Points: I Thought the Offseason Would Be Easier

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In which the real world rears its ugly head and laughs at my hope for free time.

We're all in the same boat, I'm sure, so I won't belabor the point about lack of time.  Short story:  runup into conference; conference; catchup between conference and holiday travels; Christmas shopping somewhere in there; honey-do list.  That said, I'll take it over Joel's head cold any day.  Back to the regular programming:

  • Wir haben einen neuen Gerät.  Woo! for Arthur Jeffery, whose name is causing endless trouble on the recruiting sites.  As someone who has their last name misspelled constantly for no apparent reason, I sympathize.  He's coming off a knee injury, so he may redshirt next year, but he's still a huge pickup in a position of dire need.
  • 991 and counting!  Pat Summitt is up to 991 career wins after the Lady Vols ended a long home winning streak for Old Dominion.  It wasn't a dominating win, but a solid one on the road against a good team.  For such a young squad, that's good news.  Looking ahead:  if she does break 1,000 at home, it'll most likely be either against Mississippi State on January 29th, or Georgia on February 5th.  If one of those dates appears to be the big shiny round number breaker, does anybody want to go?
  • Teague confirms his commitment to Florida.
  • Kiffin is taking from the Spurrier again.  I don't know much about the new S&C guy.  Does anybody know anything about his philosophies/reputation/etc?  Are we in for any Eeee! moments of our own?  At the very least, expect a cute comment or two from the Spurrier shortly.  (Also, did you notice how we're picking off coaches from staffs that are still in season?  These are guys who aren't looking for work that we're getting; they're coaches who already had next year lined up.)
  • The RTT Bowl Game Pickem is still open if you're interested.  I won't repeat the whoe spiel here; just click on the link and follow the instructions if you haven't joined and would like to play.
  • Will at SESB is moving.  Joel has already posted the formal introduction, so let me also say that I'm thrilled to work with him.  Will's an absolutely terrific writer.