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Rocky Top Talk welcomes Will from Southeastern Sports Blog

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I am really excited to announce today that Will from SouthEastern Sports Blog has decided to join the team here at Rocky Top Talk. I only had to make the following promises:

  • Tennessee will sing Rocky Top in the Swamp all night long after we beat the Gators next year;
  • The basketball Vols will win the NCAA Tournament this season;
  • Emmanuel Negedu will learn seven more languages;
  • Brian Williams will lose more weight eating nothing but acai berries; and
  • Hooper will learn to talk like Ed Orgeron.

Fortunately for me, none of those promises require any commitment on my part, so I readily agreed. Looks like the Vols are in for quite a year. Thanks, Will!

Those of you familiar with Will's work over at SESB will know that this is a five-star, ten jar pick up for RTT, and those of you who don't yet know him, well, you're in for a treat. I've gotten more orange goosebumps reading Will's re-telling of games than anywhere else on the web, and his stuff is always thought-provoking, insightful, and upbeat. Chest bumps all around. Somebody get Williams some acai!

Oh, and hooper's not going anywhere as far as I know. He's our Peyton Manning, the guy who comes to campus and makes the place somewhere others want to be. CHESSABUMP TA HOOPAH!

Welcome, Will!