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As Joel and Hooper have both already mentioned, I'll be playing the role of New Guy - but you can call me Will - and I'm more than thrilled to be joining the team here at Rocky Top Talk.  I've had a tremendous amount of respect for everything that goes on at this site during my time at SouthEastern Sports Blog, and can't wait to move forward into a new year...which I think goes for all of us after running the full spectrum of emotions over the last four months with the Vols.

Speaking of which, our shiny new football coach was apparently in Knoxville long enough to sit down with Bob Kesling for a few minutes today...there's not a ton of new information in this interview, but for me it was just nice to see the guy and hear him talk about the Vols instead of chasing his name and whereabouts like a myth around the message boards. Interview with Lane Kiffin

Hey, only 37 more weeks!