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Talking points: why do you always have to make things so difficult edition

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  • So which schedule is more difficult for Bruce Pearl's Vols, the SEC schedule or the non-conference schedule? Tennessee will have played at least four games against ranked teams (they still have Kansas and another game against Gonzaga) before it even gets a whiff of the SEC schedule. Throwing the youngin's into the fire, they are. Maybe the SEC will be a breeze. Or maybe the team will  be fatigued and rattled, sort of like they were against Temple. We'll see. Whatever the case, it sure makes for some exciting basketball.
  • Impact of the new three point line? More zone. Fewer shots. Lower percentages. But some of that is because it's essentially excluding certain types of players who may have taken such shots last season from taking them this year.
  • Wide receiver Marlon Brown is apparently far and away the No. 1 recruit in Tennessee. He's down to Tennessee, Ohio State,  Georgia, LSU, and Florida, but he's not giving away any hints as to which of those teams he is currently favoring. He's going to narrow it down to three before he holds one of those hats-on-table press conferences to announce his final decision. Hey, Marlon. Want to play in the NFL? Come to Tennessee and practice against Eric Berry for a year and Monte Kiffin's defense for three years. We'll get you ready.