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Talking points: on needing Pearl, Prince, and Chism edition

  •  21,863 in attendance last night for Tennessee's basketball game. Against UL-Laf. In December. When the students haven't even returned to campus. Kiss the kiss-cam goodbye, says VolQuest. Pearl and his guys are all the show you need.
  • J.P. Prince returned to action last night and oh, what a relief. He didn't even get double figures in points and he apologized to the crowd for taking his foot off the accelerator on some of his dunks, but Pajamas is sneaky and wily, and he really makes a difference.
  • Wayne Chism's injury is likely just a stinger. For those of you who missed the story last night, Chism fell awkwardly and hard after running back to block a shot. Ten minutes or so later, he was immobilized on a stretcher, loaded into an ambulance, and taken to the hospital for evaluation. His extremities were moving and he was conscious, but he didn't know where he was or what was happening. In any event, Pearl said via ESPN that it's likely just a stinger, so go ahead and exhale now. 
  • Alabama defensive tackle and Outland Trophy winner Andre Smith won't play in the Sugar Bowl versus Utah. He won't even be there. Premature contact with an agent tends to blow things up like that.
  • Yahoo! has the top ten college football stories of 2008. I guess. Nothing about Fulmer in there, though, so you know.