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Talking points: Steve Sarkisian and the coaches shell game edition

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  • Keep your eye on the coaches shell game. First, Pete Carroll underling Lane Kiffin takes the Tennessee job, and now it appears that Pete Carroll underling Steve Sarkisian is poised to take the Washington job. Meanwhile, Charlie Weis is in contention for the Notre Dame job -- wait, he already has that (who knew?) and will for at least another year anyway. Whose roots were deeper but apparently not as strong? The Papa and Tommy Tuberville, who apparently, SRSLY, just quit and wasn't removed with a Garden Weasel like everyone thought he was. Incidentally, that means that Mark Richt is the new Dean of SEC Coaches. Still looking for port is Mike Leach, who may be headed to Auburn, in which case we will get to see whether all of this nonsense about his offense being nonsense is indeed nonsense. And finally, our very own John Chavis could find himself either at Clemson or LSU in the near future. Best of luck to Chief. Okay, where's the pea?
  • Speaking of nonsense, that arrest of Demetrice Morley? Mistake. On the part of the court clerk, it sounds like. Morley did have an issue down in Miami in 2007, and he was ordered to perform 75 hours of community service,  which he did in Knoxville. Tennessee submitted proof of this to the Miami court, but for some reason the court hearing wasn't canceled. When Morley was pulled over for speeding the other day, this bit of information popped up on the magic machine, and Morley was arrested for not attending a hearing that he probably shouldn't have been required to attend. Okay. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  • Barking at Barkley? Will Kiffin pursue 5-star QB and USC commitment Matt Barkley? Maybe not yesterday. Maybe today, what with Steve Sarkisian headed to Washington and all. Just saying maybe.
  • A motion that matters. lawvol of Gate 21 moves for a recess in his current trial so that he can do the important thing and welcome Lane Kiffin to Tennessee on his blog. 
  • Hmm. I am disturbed. Didn't Kiffin say in his press conference something about Peyton Manning. Let me check. Oh, yes:
    The last thing, I’d really like to thank some of the former players who have reached out in support of this decision throughout the last few days. Jim Haslam, Charlie Anderson, Tee Martin, Peyton, just to name a few of the guys that reached out.
    Um, yeah, but Peyton says that he wasn't consulted and that he found out about the hire at the same time the rest of us did. Now "not being consulted" and "reaching out" aren't necessarily the same thing, so it could be that Peyton said howdy or something and that everybody's talking about something different, but certainly the impression that I got from listening to the press conference was that Peyton endorsed the hire. Apparently not. He's more wait and see. And on the question of whether he should have been consulted, probably, maybe, yeah, but he was busy getting ready for his games. Look, guys. We want to win. We want our team and our administration to be honest. I don't know that they weren't, but something went wrong here. Some clarification may be in order.
  • Eric Berry for Heisman? Now? Yes! Ray Holloman at the FanHouse puts Crunch Berry No. 1 on his list for the most prestigious and despised individual player award in college football:
    1. Eric Berry, S Tennessee: The Vols' athletic outlier plays the game like it's on a sheet of ice and he's the only one that brought skates. The sophomore leads the nation with seven interceptions, has 12 for his career and his 472 interception return yards shattered the SEC record two picks ago, a record set 59 years earlier. On the style point side, the sophomore lays down licks like he's playing with cement shoulder pads (see this cobweb-clearing pop on Knowshon Moreno). The Vols may have just finished a season it would prefer to consign to the depths of the Tennessee River, but Berry is the flower that's sprouted in a compost heap of a year.
    Chest bump to Will at SouthEastern Sports Blog, where I saw this first.