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Talking points: All about bowl games edition

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  • So it's Florida and Oklahoma in the FedEx BCS NC. Discuss. Oklahoma looks to me like Florida playing in the Big 12. They're defense may be better than most SEC fans are giving them credit for, but I'd bet that they're not used to seeing the quality of defenses every week that Florida is used to seeing and beating. We shall see. It should actually be a great game, I think.
  • Other SEC teams in bowl games. Vandy gets its first bowl in forever and gets to . . . travel to sunny downtown Nashville. Woo. They'll take on Boston College. LSU gets Georgia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, South Carolina gets Iowa in the Outback, Georgia gets Michigan State in the Capital One, Ole Miss gets Texas Tech in the Cotton, Kentucky gets East Carolina in the Liberty, and Alabama gets Utah in the Sugar. The other BCS bowls pit Cincinnati against Virginia Tech (Orange), Southern Cal against Penn State in the Rose, and Texas against Ohio State in the Fiesta. Complete list of bowl pairings here.
  • He's baaack. Tim Tebow's sounding as if he's coming back as a Florida Gator next year regardless of what happens in the national championship game. Well, at least some Florida coaching assistants might be leaving.
  • John Pennington gives his opinions on how things have turned out so far regarding Tennessee's coaching change.