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Talking points: the mystery of the frozen clock edition

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  • Ooooh, controversy! I was busy doing my taxes - yay! - but, wow, the Lady Vols had a bit of excitement last night, huh? Apparently, Summitt's Ladies, with a brand new No. 1 ranking, could do no right for most of the second half against Rutgers in a rematch of last year's National Championship. Then, with only seconds remaining and the Vols behind by one, Shannon Bobbitt missed a jumper, but Candace Parker pulled down the rebound. Parker then missed, but Nicky Anosike -- who has one of the coolest names in sports -- grabbed the rebound. The clock then "froze," and Anosike got fouled. Believing that the foul had occurred after time expired, Rutgers head coach C. Vivian Stringer celebrated by hugging an assistant coach. After all, they'd just beaten two No. 1 teams in a row. Meanwhile, Summitt was looking at the two-tenths still on the clock and wondering: why the hugging? Anosike, a 64.4 percent free-throw shooter who, by her own admission had done nothing to help the team all game, hit both free throws and gave her team a 59-58 win.

    Stringer's not happy. Fulmer's Belly, who actually saw the game, thinks we got away with one. But here's the thing: it's not like there's some Tennessee student eating a Petro's with one hand, popcorn with the other, and operating a Jeopardy-ish buzzer with his nose while one eye's on the action and the other's on the cheerleaders. There's some actual technology involved, some wiz-bang contraption connecting the coaches' whistles to the actual clock, and the clock can only be stopped by a whistle. So if the clock "froze," it did so because the ref blew the whistle. Mystery solved. Plot not foiled by that dratted kids.
  • Vote! The voting page for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards is live. Readers, you can vote for the People's Champ Award over on the front page of EDSBS. I was pleased to find that, as of last night, RTT and Sunday Morning Quarterback were tied with 8. Of course, SMQ had 8 percent and RTT had, well, just 8, but hey, woo for the Disney Demographic! I love each and every one of you. I'm Ron Paul, and I approved this message. Woo!
  • Numbers decrease, increase for men's basketball. The Pantheon finds its way back to No. 4 in the AP poll while Chris Lofton finds himself with a record seventh SEC Player of the Week. He doesn't think he deserves it. Awww. 
  • Speaking of saying the right things . . . John Adams gets his first opportunity to interview players from the Class of 2007 and concludes that they're not only good on the field -- they're good in front of a microphone.
  • Chief stay put. Sorry, Ghost. Speaking of Ghost (whose going to be a new daddy -- congrats!) he reminds us that the Gerald Jones woo letter is only the first step of a process and that LaMarcus Coker was similarly penitent right up to the point where he was dismissed from the team for continuing to do what he always did despite what he said. Is there a word that's like schadenfreude but that means "learning life's lessons through the mistakes of others?" That's the secret to a happy life, right there.
  • Ha! And finally, there's this jewel from The BruceBall Blog, re: LSU's interim head coach: "By the way, have you ever seen two more contrasting names than "Butch" and "Pierre?" Oui oui, tres bien, where’s my Skoal?"