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Bruce is Loose's open letter to John Calipari

First stop this morning is Bruce is Loose, whose Hawg (Hog?) has written an open letter to John Calipari. Thanks to reader J.D. for sending it by email two days ago (see? I showed some restraint prior to the Auburn game -- I wanted to post it right away) and to hooper for texting the link to the site last night. You really need to go read the whole thing, but here are a few excerpts:

Dear John,

Let me first say that it is truly a pleasure to watch such a master coach at work. . . . Your conference, Conference USA, stands as a man among boys compared to everyone else. . . . Just looking at a list of schools in the Conference USA is a virtual who's who of athletic dominance:

Eastern Carolina


Central Florida


Southern Miss







Karns High School

. . . .

You created quite a stir when you claimed that Memphis was getting ready to move from "being Tennessee's team to America's team." . . . Some people use their heads, but you my friend stick to the heart and the heart speaks truth. And then to top it off by cla[i]ming that you are "America's team"?  BRILLIANT.  People like whoever they are told to like, you and I know that, and you have told the state of Tennessee and our great country that YOU are our team (it's Conference U-S-A for a reason).  Thank you for being the leader that we need during these tumultuous times.  I guarantee that I would be better off if you would tell me everything that I need to think.  PLEASE JOHN JUST TELL ME AND I WILL DO IT.

. . . .

You have already let it be known that "playing Tennessee is not beneficial to your national schedule".  What does [Bruce Pearl] not understand about this?  Maybe you should consider sending Coach Pearl a letter telling him to leave you alone.  Something like this:  MEMO TO BRUCE- I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PLAY YOU. I AM GREASING THE HELL OUT OF MY HAIR AND WATCHING FILM ON EASTERN CAROLINA.  See if he has some smart response to that one.

. . . . You think Bruce Pearl knows anything about teamwork?  Maybe so, maybe not.  We don't know for sure because he has not called himself one. You are a renaissance man.

. . . .


The Hog

Like I said, go read the whole thing. We're having fun now.