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Talking points: a little bit of everything edition

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  • Chest bump if you scratch the nearly. says that the Tennessee-Memphis game "nearly" lived up to the hype.
  • Sobering quote of the day: "Pearl said the four-game stretch that started in Memphis and ends in Gainesville will be more difficult than any Final Four run UT could face in the NCAA Tournament." Feet. Ground. Quick.
  • No-dunking-zone. A little on the defense Tennessee employed to defeat Memphis.
  • On Pearl and Peterson. Mark Packer says that the hiring of Bruce Pearl will be the cornerstone of UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton's legacy. Agreed. Brilliant move. But a little love for Buzz Peterson, too: "Buzz Peterson was an up-and-coming young coach with the lineage and the look to be the man for years and years to come. He brought in talent and had the program headed in the right direction. Don't forget that Peterson discovered Chris Lofton, gave a walk-on named JaJuan Smith a chance and had signed Tyler Smith." All true. Funny how things work out, huh? Speaking of Mike Hamilton . . .
  • Message to Mike Hamilton: unlike media, fans can be friends: "Instant media" makes Hamilton's list of four key issues confronting college athletics. From an interview with
    And, you guys, VolQuest, are a credible source of information, but there's a lot of information that's on the Web right now that's not credible. And there's no accountability. That affects peoples' lives. The number of questions that I have to answer just based on crazy rumors. And you think about the wasted time in the day to answer a question about something like why in the world would this even be a question, and the lost work productivity that comes from that.
    Mr. Hamilton, credentials for bloggers might help. Do you even know that Sports Information Director Bud Ford is refusing credentials for bloggers because they don't also print on paper? Does that make any sense? First, that perspective is based on an increasingly outdated notion. If "instant media" is one of your primary concerns, simply ignoring it won't solve any problem, perceived or otherwise. More importantly, however, bloggers, because they are fans, are not burdened by the whole "unbiased objectivity" standard under which mainstream media members labor. We not only concede our bias in favor of the institution, we embrace it. Unlike journalists, we do not feel compelled to periodically author a piece criticizing the program simply to re-establish our objectivity. We have no objectivity, and that can be a good thing for you. In short, we are friends of the program. How about a little access?
  • Live-blog. Ghost of Neyland's got his Tennessee-Memphis live blog up.
  • The story that won't die. Fulmer's Belly updates the John Adams Hate-O-Meter in light of the comments, still increasing in number and, um, fervor, on Adams' Fulmer piece, and, more importantly, reminds us that Memphis is the Home of the Blues.
  • Travelin'. I'll be traveling and attending a conference beginning on Tuesday, and I'm unsure of whether or how much I'll be able to post the rest of the week. That's good for all of you because we've got several excellent readers and bloggers lined up to do guest posts, so watch for that. This would also be a really good time for you, yes you, to jump in and write your own post over in the diary section.
  • And finally, this guy is my hero: