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Talking Points: Nostalgia


  • Know your enemy.  Kentucky's up next.
  • My personal favorite Kentucky blog to follow: A Sea of Blue.   Check out Tru's well-done site and see what the Cat fans are saying.
  • Randy Hill from FoxSports explains that the NCAA tourney winner will be either Kansas or UCLA.
  • ESPN's Chris Low sees UT as 4th in his SEC Power Rankings.  Unfortunately, that's only 3rd on the Eastern half.  Where's Alabama, you ask?
  • rbk and lawvol98 keep Rocky Top Talk on the GVX Blogger Buzz with their posts.  Woo! to the guest posters!
  • Speaking of ESPN and football, Mark Schlabath places UT 14th in his pre-preseason power poll.  Yeah, it's an old link, but I'm desperate for football to start.
  • Another older college football post - this Fanblog summary of a Wizard of Odds and CFBStats study on which conferences schedule the most 1-AA (or whatever they call it now) teams.  The SEC is ranked third-most, after the WAC and Big12.  I have my own thoughts over all of it, but what are yours?
  • You can't prep too early.  Infiltrating enemy territory involves extensive planning and foresight.  Be prepared to scout your enemy by knowing where to find Bruins Nation, the SB Nation UCLA website.  It's also good for tourney time, as UCLA is a team fighting for a #1 seed.
  • UT Vols Football is starting a new periodical post.  Keep an eye on it and let us know what you think over the next few months.
  • Gentle reminder of the Orange and White game on April 19th.  It's the right price (FREE!!!), and Aerobab has suggested a little rendezvous for those who enjoy RTT.  Go to the game and see the Vols, and if you want, keep an eye out for a geeky bunch of guys with computers.  Okay, maybe not the computers, but you understand the point.