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Patterson out for the season

Kentucky's freshman forward Patrick Patterson is out  for the season with a stress fracture.  Patterson is a key player for UK, having logged 37 of 40 minutes in the tilt against Ole Miss on Wednesday. He averages about 16 points and 8 rebounds a game, and will be sorely missed by the Cats.

Look for more minutes to Ramon Harris, who at 6'-6" is a little shorter than Patterson's 6'-8", but also gives up about 20 pounds compared to Patterson's 232.  That should significantly improve UT's ability to rebound.

If not Harris, then Mark Coury will pick up the slack.  Coury, who is roughly the same size and height as Patterson, would figure to add a bit of strength, but isn't quite as productive as Harris in points.  Either way, replacing Patterson will be tough.  Kentucky is effectively down to Crawford and Bradley as far as major point-scorers, so somebody will have to step up.

The loss may have this effect:
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(And if I had any editing skills whatsoever, Pearl's face would be in there.  Oh, yeah.)