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It's Friday, which means that we, as guest posters for "Jr. Papa", have done our job!  RTT has not careened off of the cliff, nor has it died on the side of the road awaiting the towtruck.

Since we've had an interesting week with the huge win over then #1 Memphis to the what-could-have-been loss to Vanderbilt a mere 2 days later and gads of commentary and analysis in between, it's time for a much needed break.

The ever-silly "lolcats" have been around for some time thanks to sites such as this and this.  If you don't understand the humor in it, either go do some research, or watch the History of the Lolcat, video style. If you still can't figure it out, well mosey on along because this post will not be for you.

Orson introduced us to multiple versions of "lolcfb" this past football season which nearly busted my spleen!  Enough with the words already, I know.  I present to you LOLUTCBB!

(This one is courtesy of the literal and obviously very talented "Mrs. Hooper"!) More after the jump.