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Surprising Super Bowl delays announcement of official nominees for the 2007 CFBAs

A planned one-hour chat dragged into three hours, but Brian, Orson, Peter, Kyle, and I have finalized the list of official nominees for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. We were planning to announce them today, but the Super Bowl turned out to be actually exciting, so we thought everybody'd be talking 'bout that today. We'll announce tomorrow.

Head over to Big Blue View for the celebration and to Pats Pulpit for the humble pie. Is it me, or does Eli Manning have exactly the same quirky mannerisms as Peyton? You suppose they get that thrusting-the-shoulders-back twitch from Archie or David Cutcliffe?

Anyway, I'll have a Florida numbers thing for lunch, the so-overdue-it's nearly-pointless year-end Animated BlogPoll is almost ready (tonight perhaps), and . . . this thing is still on the horizon:


Ooh! It's shiny!