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Talking points: drunk in the drive-thru edition

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  • Yikes. Details on the Vince Faison thing:
    • When police found him, he was in his truck,
    • in the McDonald's drive-thru,
    • at around 3:45 a.m.,
    • engine in gear,
    • foot on the brake, and
    • passed out with a BAC of .22.

    It took police raising and dropping his hand three times to wake him up. State penalty? Forty-eight hours in a 6x9, a $350 fine and court costs, and loss of license for one year. Fulmer's penalty? Two games. Yes, brothers in the blogosphere, he's a walk on, but he's a 27-year-old former pro baseball player, Kelly Washington-ish walk-on, so The Papa's punishment isn't as timid as it might seem.

    Still, sheesh.

  • Tennessee's announced that they're going to retire Ernie Grunfeld's number during halftime of the Kentucky game on March 2. Mike Hamilton knows what he's doing.
  • Big game tonight against the Abomination. More on that in the lunch-time-ish post.
  • Official nominees for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards will be announced beginning at around 10:00 EST this morning at Every Day Should Be Saturday. Voting opens tomorrow.