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Talking points: CFBA SNAFU, BruceBall, and recruitin' woo

A few quick links this morning:

  • Attention bloggers: We hit our first major SNAFU of the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. We had planned to open the voting immediately after announcing the nominees on Tuesday, but the voting page is still upstairs in the bathroom teasing her hair. She'll be ready Monday morning, which is when we'll publish the link and, like an over-protective father, give you a lecture on how to treat her. In the meantime, take this opportunity to get to know the over 70 different blogs nominated for awards this year. There's some very good stuff out there that I can practically guarantee you know nothing about.
  • Check out The BruceBall Blog's mid-season look at the SEC
  • GVX has a pretty good article on the challenges Tennessee faced this season. Nobody's making excuses, but an up and down season, an almost complete turnover in the offensive staff, and five players making the news for all of the wrong reasons in the month leading up to signing day didn't help the Vols this time around. Even with all of that, the ranking may not be as bad as it seems. See below.
  • I found interesting this article pointing out that the recruiting ranking for Tennessee's class of 2008 may be due to the limited number of scholarships available (as hooper more thoroughly notes below) and the fact that the Vols were looking for the kind of player that is typically undervalued by the recruiting services. Of course, they also didn't get some of those kinds of players. The staff's inability to land a blue-chip defensive tackle mystifies me.
All for this morning. Have a great day.