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Talking Points: Travel Day

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[UPDATE March 01, 2008 12:26 PM] Added one talking point. --hooper

FYI, today is the day Joel travels home after his vacation conference in New Orleans.  With a beautiful Saturday on the horizon, expect blogging (that is, proxy blogging) to be a bit light.  The Kentucky Game Day thread will likely go up late this evening, as I will be at church on Sunday morning until after the game begins.  So, prayers are with Joel for a safe return.

But, it all starts with not speaking German while driving.  Or, that's what I get from this...

Very brief talking points - there's not much going on at the moment.

By the way, did you hear that Patterson's injured?

  •  How significant is this?  Significant enough that GVX's Blogger Buzz ran a Kentucky blog edition.  Most of the links I would have added here about Kentucky can be found there, so take a peek.
  •  The ROC Orange Blazers started going on sale at the UT bookstore this week in preparation of the game.  This is an interesting read on the origin of this particular company.  See a need, ...
  •  John Adams is beggining a new article series on the 1998 national championship team. Emotions tend to run high about Adams, but setting all that aside, the first of the series is an insightful read. This series may be worth keeping an eye on.

Joel, get home safe.  New Orleans may be a great place to visit...

(Joel, izzat you?)

... but home is home.